About Us

Organizational Mission

To provide every Beta Gamma Sigma member in the Atlanta area an organization to promote their individual development through networking and career-enhancing events, and where membership is based on their professionalism, commitment to excellence, and demonstrated ability to achieve high standards.

Strategic Vision

The Atlanta Area Alumni Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma is Atlanta’s preeminent business organization where a uniquely talented and diverse group of professionals can positively influence the business community.   The chapter is recognized by, and comprised of, past, current, and aspiring leaders of the Atlanta business community.

The organization promotes the enhancement of both individuals and business in the Greater Atlanta region through affiliations and cooperative agreements.

Members are immersed in a network representing the top management in the community.   Independent corporations benefit from exposure to our members’ talent.

The Atlanta Area Alumni Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma provides a source and outlet of business information for professionals and organizations in the Atlanta area.   The chapter links leaders and organizations together through a professional structure where success and achievement are mutual rewards.


Provide a Forum for Networking Every Beta Gamma Sigma meeting and event will offer an opportunity for members to establish business contacts, meet new friends and exchange ideas to enhance their business careers.   Share Knowledge Relevant to the Atlanta Business Community Beta Gamma Sigma will offer an exchange with businesses and professionals from a cross-section of industries important to the Atlanta business community. Meeting topics will provide knowledge on business practices, success stories, industry trends, skill building, and many other issues.

Establish a Proactive Affiliation and Cooperative Program Beta Gamma Sigma develops professional relationships and bonds through its members, their organizations, and local institutions to develop a mutually supportive association where both members and organizations can benefit.

Establish a Professional Mentoring Program Beta Gamma Sigma will match recent graduates with established Atlanta-area professionals to provide a forum for learning, advisement and encouragement. Young professionals will benefit from assistance on general business topics, as well as gaining knowledge within specific industries. The program will be structured to be mutually beneficial to all participants.   Foster Ethics and Integrity in Business Practices Beta Gamma Sigma is committed to embracing and promoting the ideas and teachings of companies and individuals who are leaders in ethical business, workplace and employee issues.

If you have any questions or comments about our chapter or  events, please contact us at BGS Council.

“The best in the world call themselves Members.” - The Wall Street Journal  (referring to Beta Gamma Sigma)